TIA summer festival 2017

CUPAL 友の会のご案内 SL

CUPAL 友の会のご案内


  • 入会無料
  • 育成対象者のPRなどが掲載された「育成人材データベース」を利用できます。
  • 交流会での育成対象者との面談交流などの機会をご案内します。
  • シンポジウム等、Nanotech CUPALの様々なイベントへご招待します。
  • NIPコースを社外研修として活用できます。(随時、コース開催をご案内します)
  • TIAが有する共用施設利用を担当者がサポートします。
  • CUPAL友の会 URL

    Friends of CUPAL and benefits of membership

    When you become a member, you will receive privileges such as interaction with member companies, networking with alliance members and so on:

    • The registration is free.
    • Access to a dedicated website containing the profiles of target researchers.
    • Participate in networking sessions with target researchers.
    • Receive invitations to various Nanotech CUPAL events, such as symposiums.
    • Utilize NIP courses as offsite training (Members are notified of courses regularly).
    • Your assigned rep will support your utilization of TIA’s shared use.
  • Friends of CUPAL URL
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